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HCP Folder Sync  v.1.0

HCP Folder Sync scans a local folder and makes sure, that all files there are synced to HCP. If the target Namespace is configured for versioning, it will keep versions of modified files.

SkyDrive Synchronizer  v.0.3 Beta

SkyDrive Synchronizer is a C# command line application that helps users synchronize a local folder to a specific location on their SkyDrive.


Free Offline Site Map Generator for Windows creates sitemaps for your website. It scans the local folder with your web site copy to collect web site pages.It generates sitemaps of the Google Sitemap Protocol XML and/or the common Site Map HTML

Net Leech  v.

Net Leech can be used for FREE, no banners, adware or spyware. However only basic features will be available in that case. Surf any FTP site like a local folder, rename, delete, download and upload files and create folders. This allows you to create

Eemailer - pop3 and imap mail client  v.0.27

eemailer is a free email client with IMAP, POP3 and local folder functionality. It has a built-in HTML3.2 compliant webbrowser and integrated SMTP engine.eemailer is completely written in

LMS Desktop Assistant  v.1.11.4

This program assists you when working with a Learning Management System. You can convert and upload exercises, split and convert documents to PDF, generate statistics in Excel format and synchronize all contents of a local folder with the

RemoteBackup  v.1.0

A client/server backup software over TCP/IP. Using a GUI based client to backup local folders to a running remote server. The client requests the server folder tree, compares it to the local folder and displays the difference.

FTPAutomaticFileTransport  v.1.0

Transport files from a local folder to a remote folder via FTP Protocol in scheduled basis. The files will be concatenated, compressed, and split in the source location, and will be joined, decompressed, and separated in the destination location.

MyPersonalDrive  v.1.0

This widget allows to transfer files via Secure Copy (SCP). It allows the user to use password or private key authentication. Files may be uploaded by dropping them onto the icon. Folders may be listed and files may be downloaded to a local folder again.

Gladinet Cloud Desktop Azure Plugin  v.1.0

This project leverages the Gladinet Cloud Desktop SDK to create a plugin to support Azure. With it, Gladinet Cloud Desktop can mount Azure as a local folder on a local drive and leverage all the other features of Gladinet Cloud Desktop.

Netfsync  v.1.0

netfsync is a pair of client/server program to synchronize folder content between hosts. Server program glabs latest contents (aka repository), and clients on each host has contents on local folder, and sends/receives modifications via connected server.

CarbonFTP  v.1.3

CarbonFTP is a small and simple in use utility for synchronization of files in local folder and FTP server folder. The program features a simplistic interface designed as a step-by-step wizard, making the process of synchronization fast and easy.

Captain FTP for Mac OS  v.6.2

Publishing web sites can be a time consuming affair, to reduce the workload Captain FTP has been equpped with Sync Browsing. If the local and remote directory structure match, users can browse the locally folders and the remote folder will

UToolbox Image Viewer Tool  v.1.0

Image Viewer Tool is useful to view, zoom the JPEG & BMP images located in the selected folder. Also view slide show of the images.

Classic FTP Uploading Software  v.1.00

Free, easy to use ftp client that allows you to view, edit, upload, download and delete files from a remote server (website) or network for free.

UToolbox Color Picker Tool  v.1.0

Color Picker is a tool to pick the color from the screen. It will display the color value in HTML format and display the Red, Green and Blue components (RGB) of it.

UToolbox Element Inspector Tool  v.1.0

Element Inspector is a useful tool to inspect the web elements from the web page. It displays the elements and their attributes with data.

UToolbox Magnifier Tool  v.1.0

uToolbox's Magnifier tool is useful to magnify the area of the screen/desktop.

Free Ringtone Maker Platinum  v.5.5.1

Free Ringtone Maker Platinum is an unrestricted application to create ringtones. It allows you to edit any of your music files to customize ringtone to use on your mobile phone.

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